V&P Food Group Srl

All our products are appreciated worldwide for their taste and quality, thanks also to our customers who have shown trust and contributed to oure growth through their advice

Cutomers can count not only on a wide choice of products including : Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Flavored Oil. Balsamic Glaze, Flavored salts and Spice preparation, also in formars and functional technical characteristics for the realization of their exclusive line.

V&P provides a wide range of products and services related to each type of high quality oil and packaging, strongly believing that the value of a brand derivers not only from its ability to attract attention , but from the composition of a serier of very PRECISE VALUES.


Con i nostri servizi, siamo in grado di fornire la realizzazione di prodotti a marchio esclusivo del cliente anche per piccoli lotti. Negli anni ci siamo attrezzati per poter dare questo servizio, non solo alle grandi compagnie, ma anche ai piccoli distributori ed importatori, dotandoci di un sistema di stampa interno che ci permette un servizio rapido.


Our Company is characterized by flexibility in production processes, as well as apllying continuous research to improve all production phases. The Company is able to produce both small formats and large packs, making us unique in our king and enabling us to select each type pf service for our cutomers. We are also able to offer exclusive lines, created both the part of the product recipeand the packaging.

In addition to the choice of products we can also aplly , where required , a support for the creation of the label, being equipped with an internal study, taking care of the products


The costant attention to our customers allows us to guarantee the suplly of products that fully meet their needs. We are able to offer the best oil for flavor and quality to create recipes for all kinds.

The complete range of oils and condimets for the production and preparation of food are oblatined from the finest ingredients and are the results of a certified and controlled production process, both internally and by accredited third-party certification bodies.

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